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Innovative feed balancer
Bioplex protected trace elements
Yea-Sacc live yeast for healthy gut function
Low starch & oat free
With 4x the normal levels of vitamins & minerals
With a low calorie content, Gain Opti-Care Balancer is a useful addition to many feeding programs. A nutrient rich pellet, Opti-Care Balancer can be fed on its own to supplement a forage only diet, or can be used alongside hard feed when reduced feeding rates and so are not meeting the the horse's micro-nutrient requirements.
Originally developed for stud horses and youngstock, Gain Opti-Care Balancer provides the essential nutrients required for optimum growth and development in foals and yearlings and also meets the nutritional needs of mares throughout pregnancy without the need to provide excessively bulky feeds. Opti-Care Balancer is also an ideal way to provide complete nutrition in a non-heating form, helping to maintain a calm temperament in more excitable breeding stock.

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