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Haylage Balancer is a food supplement that has been developed for horses that are fed silage. It promotes good digestion, and is particularly effective for horses that are stressed and/or restless. Haylage Balancer ensures a good acid-base balance in the stomach and has a reinforcing effect on the stomach. In addition, the supplement supports proper bowel function.
Silage is usually richer than hay, so horses can have more trouble digesting it. Intestinal problems are common in horses that are fed silage. This can be caused, in part, by the acids in silage and the higher moisture content of wet silage compared to hay. In addition, there appears to be a correlation between the increase in the number of horses with digestive problems, including stomach ulcers, and the development of stereotypic behaviours (such as weaving and wind-sucking), and the fact that an increasing number of horses are fed with wet silage.
Haylage Balancer includes antacids and a unique type of clay. Together these ingredients maintain a normal acidity in the stomach, and ensure that the intestinal contents are processed more slowly so that nutrients are better absorbed and the stools are voluminous. The living yeast in Haylage Balancer promotes efficient digestion and ensures better absorption to prevent irritation of the intestines and maintain optimal condition. The carefully selected herbs in Haylage Balancer provide good, relaxed bowel function. Haylage Balancer is also rich in several vitamins and minerals needed for the good health and vitality of your horse.

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